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Invisible Cards Marking KEM Paisley 2 Decks Narrow Regular

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Brand KEM paisley Size Poker/narrow size
Color Red & blue Included Double deck playing cards set
Origin USA Application Poker cheat, magic show


KEM marked poker decks are originally produced in the USA, and invisible cards marking KEM paisley is of the preeminent cheating cards. Without a doubt, it is supreme product. Marking cards is not an easy job, it needs to practice and get enough experience. The luminous markings will be strong, clear and lasting under the rich experience. If you can order a big mount of goods, the playing cards company will make the KEM Paisley ultimate marked deck of cards for you.

KEM paisley card is a beautiful poker with complex and colorful back pattern. Therefore, it is more difficult for poker manufacturer to mark them. However, as an experienced marking poker maker, we have professional and specialized staff; there is no any problem for us to make perfect KEM paisley invisible marked playing decks. Only with the use of marked cards contact lenses or sunglasses, can you see those markings on the back of the poker. What a pretty trick product it is!

TAG: Marked Cards, Cheating Playing Cards