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Fournier WPT Plastic Poker Blue Cards with Luminous Cards Marking

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Brand Fournier WPT Size Poker size
Color Red & blue Index Jumble index
Material 100% plastic and original poker made by PVC Marked cards type Invisible ink/luminous ink


Fournier WPT plastic poker blue cards with cards making is one best cheating playing cards, and its upgraded version is invisible ink marked deck, which is processed based on the Fournier original deck, remaining all its advantages and features. Markings on first version Fournier ultimate marked deck are visible, although it will blur out in a distance, while the markings on the upgraded on are unseen to the naked eyes, and you have to wear special IR contact lenses or sunglasses to read them.

One of the most famous poker sports, the World Poker Tour, is a gaming league which is loved by poker fans. As a highly welcomed games, WPT is a unique television poker tournaments in the casino world. And Fournier WPT plastic poker is the official cards used in this wonderful competition.

TAG: Marked Cards, Cheating Playing Cards