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Piatnik Playing Cards Opti Poker Invisible Marking for Cards Cheating

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Brand Piatnik OPTI Size Poker size
Color Red & black Index Jumbo index
Marked cards type Contact lenses marked cards Marked cards ink Invisible ink/IR ink


Uniting traditional and modern technology, utilizing both the most modern electronic printing machinery as well as manually operated printers to create class cheating European products, Piatnik playing cards Opti poker with invisible marking for cards cheating is special. Because of its unseen marks to human eyes, it is quite popular in casino games and poker tricks. The easiest way to read them is wearing a pair of invisible ink contact lenses or sunglasses, which is convenient and harmless.

We can also process Piatnik Opti playing cards as One to One Marked Cards. This means that only you who have the matched marked cards reader can see the hidden card markings. Of course, after we processed the playing cards, we will repack the cards. When you receive the invisible ink marked cards, they are sealed and the plastic wrap  is intact. It will be less suspicious from other players.

Piatnik has been known for the highest quality playing cards around for more than 100 years. Piatnik Optic poker is using only high grade paper, carton and special carton. We promise that the marked cheating Piatnik Optic decks are processed on these high-level cards.

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