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Ceiling Lamp Poker Scanning Camera for Cheating Tricks

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Camera Barcode/IR Working distance Customized
Battery Life Chargeable Color White
Marked Cards Type Barcode/IR marked cards Application Texas Holdem, Omaha 4, Omaha 5

Ceiling lamp poker scanning camera is a good helper for gambling tricks. The camera is installed in the lamp, so other players can’t see the camera from the appearance. And the ceiling lamp camera can work as the normal lamp. No one will suspect a common ceiling lamp.

The ceiling lamp camera connects with direct-current electricity so it can work longer in gambling. Generally, the lamp camera is installed on ceiling, so it is more convenient to use a remote controller to turn on/off the camera. If you buy a camera with adjustable focus, you need to adjust the best scanning point before gambling. Even if the dealer move the cards, the camera can scan cards well within this scope. 

This camera needs the help of phone analyzer because ceiling lamp poker scanning camera doesn’t have system to analyze the information from cards. Only with phone poker system, can you get the winner each round. This poker camera is to scan barcode marked decks so it can be called barcode camera.

Besides barcode camera, you can install infrared camera in ceiling lamp. This kind of camera needs to work with infrared marked cards. These cards have the same markings as one for contact lenses, but they use different inks. So the invisible ink contact lenses can’t see those cards. The ceiling lamp infrared poker camera doesn’t need to work with phone analyzer, but a screen. The markings on cards will be shown on the screen. You can know what cards other players hold and calculate out who is the winner by yourself. There are 2 kinds of IR camera. One can adjust the distance, so you can use it to see cards in different poker tables by adjusting the suitable scanning distance. Another one is with fixed distance. This one just can see the cards within its scanning scope. It can't adjust distance to scan cards in other poker table. This one is very suitable for small poker room.

Two kinds of ceiling lamp cameras can work well in poker cheating tricks. Each devices has its own advantages. You can make a purchase according to your demands. If you want to know more information, feel free to contact me.