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Contact Lenses for Cheating Playing Cards

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Can you believe that the contact lenses will help you see the cards' suits and value? It will reinvent your whole perception over contact lenses. Don't be shocked when you see the video of it.

Many customers ask me if there X-ray contact lenses to see through the playing cards, but unfortunately, the answer is no. The technology so far in our society is still cannot be reach.

The most practical and helpful tool in cheating playing cards are the invisible ink contact lenses and marked deck of cards.

Invisible Ink Contact Lenses Features

  • Marked cards contact lenses will not change the color of the user's eyes, no matter your eyes are in black, brown, blue, or green. It's not easy for other people to find out your secret. 
  • If you are short-sighted, no problem, we have the marked cards contact lenses with correction. 
  • The usage of the marked deck contact lenses is the same as the normal ones, no more than 8 hours in one day; At the first few days, no more than 2 hours a day, then increase the time day by day. 
  • The most different thing is that marked cards contact need to keep in the pure water while the normal contact are keep in the contact lenses solution. But remember to soak it into the solution before you wear it.

contact lenses for cheating playing cards

Invisible Ink Marked Cards for Poker Cheating

Cheating playing cards here we refer to the invisible ink marked cards. It's a type of cheating poker that marked with hidden marks with invisible ink. The markings cannot be seen by the human naked eyes, unless you wear the special made contact lenses. Many customers buy invisible ink to mark cards by themselves, but they will not get a deck of ideal marked cards. A perfect marked deck has a strong and lasting marks, but not show up under the white light. Our technician will mix different proportion of the ink according to the different color material, and back pattern of the poker cards.

To be honest, contact lenses and marked cards are really popular in poker game. They are your partners helping you in increasing the winning odds.


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